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#Humanities 101

A Youtube channel called Agro Squirrel Narrates did a video narration of one of my stories, check it out here.

This story was inspired by the humanities classes I took while getting my engineering degree. Often times I would hear students saying things like “why do I have to take [x] class?” with regards to English and History and such. Well, if you’ve ever met someone who is “book smart” but lacks common sense, then you’ll understand why those classes are mandatory.

I get that it would be faster, and cheaper, to cut the “fluff” out of degree programs. And to some extent I agree that would be an appropriate path for some people. But for the folks building your airplanes or prescribing your medication, I would very much prefer those people to be grounded in principle and context.

You know the type of person. They can pull some esoteric knowledge from their back pocket about how a very specific or niche thing works but get fooled by articles from the Onion because they never learned how to check sources. Or the person who rages at Critical Race Theory without understanding what they are fighting against.

Ignorance breeds contempt and leads to a superiority complex. This story was my way of getting that idea out of my head and onto paper.

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